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5 Point complimentary Jewelry clean Up

Step One: We inspect your jewelry for loose or damaged diamond and gems and also irregularities in the precious metal itself.

Step Two: Your jewelry is polished with a high speed brushing wheel made of cotton, and a buffing compound. This is the best way to restore the precious metal's beauty and luster.

Step Three: Using specialized cleaning formulas in our ultrasonic machine, we remove hard water, paint, glue, soap deposits, grease, and all manner of seen and unseen blemishes on your jewelry.

Step Four: A final rinse is completed with hot blasts of steam to clean hard to reach troubled spots, and to make your jewelry sparkle.

Step Five: A visual inspection using a jeweler's loupe ensures everything is in tip-top shape. Your beautiful jewelry is once again as it should be - Gleaming!


Laser welder

We have an in-store goldsmith shop with a state of the art laser welder. With the laser welder we are able to expand our tradition repairs to Eyeglass Frames, Costume Jewelry and other repais previously thought impossible.